Leaded and ROHS Capability

In our changing and increasingly complex world, we are continually faced with many challenges that affect the way we do business.

Caladena is strategically positioned to address many of these needs.

Many are now dealing with the restrictions that the European Community have placed on hazardous goods and products (ROHS), however, Caladena has been proactively involved well before the restrictions came into place. To meet these lead free requirements we have set up a separate assembly area which is 100% lead free, while maintaining a leaded assembly area for those who need leaded assemblies. Our staff have been trained in lead free assembly techniques and are fully qualified to assemble both leaded and non leaded assemblies.

Having the two segregated areas allows us the flexibility to handle both leaded and ROHS assembly requirements in tandem without danger of lead contamination of lead free assemblies.

If you need both leaded and non leaded assemblies to be integrated into a final product Caladena is your first choice.

Our expertise with mixed technology combined with SMT, through-hole assembly, wire harnessing, and electro-mechanical assembly make Caladena the optimum choice for all your assembly requirements!

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