Environmental & Social Responsibility

Caladena is committed to being a good corporate citizen. As such we take a proactive role in protecting the environment and in supporting our community.

Environmental Responsibility
Continual monitoring of our energy usage and upgrading of equipment to reduce our energy consumption, i.e.: purchased a new dryer for our compressor room - much more energy efficient - creates less noise pollution as well.

Constant researching and experimentation with the various chemicals used in our process, i.e.: Researching changing our flux from one that requires an alcohol based thinner to one that uses de-ionoized water. This can also be used to clean boards thus eliminating use of alcohol. Creates less pollution as well as ensuring a safer environment for production workers.

Set up a non-lead ROHS process to eliminate toxic materials.

Have an aggressive program to recycle paper and plastic wherever possible.

Partnering with NACC a company that is passionate about conserving fish stocks and protecting the marine environment. We are building this equipment and have helped to promote it at the International Boston Seafood Show in March of 2007. This is ongoing as we develop other products together that will allow intelligent management of the world’s oceans, seas and waterways.

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Social Responsibility
It is every organization’s responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. This means more than just paying taxes and complying with existing legislation. Caladena believes in investing in the future as well as the present.

Because of this we are:
Supporting students from McGill University in their electronic design & engineering programs by assisting them in building their printed circuit board assembly projects.

Sponsoring the student led design and build of a formula racing car as part of their studies www.fsae.mcgill.ca

Working with CIMOI, a government agency, to help re-integrate people into the work force.

Hiring new immigrants to help them get a start in their adopted country.

Sponsoring AQVA an organization that helps disabled individuals to vastly improve the quality of their lives. AQVA says: “Our goal is, therefore, to offer the opportunity and resources necessary for those with mobility impairments to learn to sail independently. We believe that sailing, a symbol of freedom and independence, can have a positive effect on one’s personal and social life.” http://www.aqvaqc.com

Charitable donations to the Veterans hospital and to law enforcement youth programs.



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